My name is Pi Manson.

From my workshop in Bristol, I make award winning custom bicycles and components.

My bikes are strong, utilitarian, beautiful. My custom components have featured on award winning show bikes, been ragged by hard working messengers, and abused on long bike tours.

I believe in:

DIY punk, fun bikes, and truth to materials.

Those beliefs shape my bikes:

I don’t chrome plate things, nor polish up stainless, or file my fillet brazed joints. Un-filed fillets show the process, the maker’s marks. A raw fillet is honest, beautiful as it is. My bikes reject the macho racing culture that permeates cycling, the simple powdercoat shouts “it’s just a bike, get over it” and the racks howl for having a picnic or building supplies or firewood thrown on and pedalled off. 

I do what I can to simplify, to make a handmade object as affordable as I can. My bikes are characterised by their essential utility. 

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