My youth was well spent on BMX. Bring some of that spirit to your bike with some custom fillet brazed Reynolds steel cranks, in whatever length you need from crazy short to crazy long.


Clandestine cranks are made from tapered Reynolds tubing, bosses machined in the USA by Solid Bikes, and fillet brazed right here in Bristol by me.

They can be basically any length, which is amazing for those at either end of the bell curve who so often have to make do with what the mainstream bike industry wants to make.

Designed around the legendary 19mm, 48 spline Profile axle, my cranks use a Profile outboard bearing BB, and either a Profile spline drive sprocket that directly mounts onto the splined axle, or a Profile 4/5 arm spider to allow any chainring to be used.

A 165mm pair of arms weigh in at 450g.

Powdercoated in your choice of colour, with the copper end caps left exposed.

Price is for the arms only.