Gilles Berthoud 650b Stainless Mudguards


These are the best mudguards money can buy.


Stainless steel mudguards, strong, durable, unaffected by road salt, and offering excellent mud and rain protection. They are the ideal mudguards for touring and city bicycles. The front part of the front fender is longer (280mm) allowing visually coherent and elegant mounting onto a front rack. The aluminium stays keep them lightweight, but still sturdy.

These are officially designed for 26″ wheels, but I find them perfect for the nice fat 650b tyres I love so much, fitting up to a 48c tyre.

Until you’ve ridden a bike with mudguards as good as these, it is difficult to appreciate just what an incredible difference a strong, rattle free, beautiful mudguard can make to your enjoyment of riding in wet weather. Simply put, it radically changes the experience, and it’s impossible to go back.