The Carrier Bag


The perfect bag for a Carrier.


I’ve spent decades now thinking about how to carry Stuff on bicycles: for me the bicycle has always been the primary logistics conveyance. With the Carrier, I’ve settled on how I best like to move myself and the day to day Stuff around the place.

The Carrier Bag is a simple, weatherproof, hold-everything roll top bag for your Carrier front rack. It attaches with a simple loop over the rear rack tombstone, and two quick release buckles under the platform. There is an awesome magnetic buckle to hold the roll top closed. It’s got loads of slack to allow for massive amounts of overstuffing for when you really need to stockpile ALL of the vegan m*lks.

There’s a D Lock holder on the left side of the bag, sized for a standard Kryptonite New York lock. It’s external to the main compartment, so your wet lock stays separate to your Stuff.

The bright yellow inner makes it easy to find your Stuff, and a side pocket for your keys, wallet, face mask keeps the small things in check.

All made by hand by the amazing folks at Wizard Works in London. The upper outer fabric is available in the standard WW colours, the lower is black, and the inner always yellow.