Bespoked again

The swirling exhibition trade show juggernaut, that champion of industry, hero of the swarf haired workers, Bespoked, is back this weekend. Only this time it’s in London. I’m not going to lie, I miss the old days of rolling down to Temple Meads a bare ten minutes from my house to the show, but there we are. London sucks in everything, the black hole of our country’s cultural life.

I’m excited for it of course. Framebuilding is a fairly solitary profession nowadays, which for many builders I’m sure is one of the nice things about it. I certainly savour the peace, if not always quiet, of my workshop. Bespoked is a chance to chinwag and catch up with each other though, which is pretty joyful. It’s super cool to be able to poke around each others work, and see the diversity in the scene.

More importantly, it’s awesome to have the chance to talk to so many interested people, often from all over the world, about framebuilding. I know I’ll pack down on Sunday night hoarse, tired, and contentedly happy. See you there hopefully.