George’s Off Road Tourer

George has been riding this bike around for a few months when these photos were taken. And you know what, the eclectic mix of components and colours and bags and scuffs and dusty dirt is just what I like to see on one of my bikes.

When you’re a tall human like George is, you need some head tube length to get your bars up high, and you need some good old length to deal with the big sweep of the Jones bars.

When you’re going to be touring in Mongolia and Japan, you want a really strong mix of Columbus Zona and Reynolds 853, a nice wide fork crown, through axles and heavily curved stays to clear up to 2.6″ tyres. You might want adjustable dropouts, to deal with any gnarly mech destruction.

When you’re going to be away for months,¬†you need bottle mounts all over, anything cage mounts on the forks, a big rack platform with removable low riders, dynamo lights and USB chargers.

And when you’re a George, that massive touring bike just better be purple.

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