James’ Voyageur

James wanted his bike to be a fairly traditional touring bike, capable of travelling on and off road with his gear, and stripping the racks off to cruise the gravel roads of the US.

The frame is built with a fairly upright, but efficient position, and made of 853, but with Columbus Zona chainstays for their lovely curves. The mini front rack perfectly cups hold of a Wizard Works Shazam, with a hand turned brass dial releasing the bag in moments.

One thing James really wanted from his bike, was for the rear rack to support a dry bag securely on the platform. So I made this barrelled platform that curves around the dry bag. I didn’t have a tube bender of the right radius, so the tubing was bent around my acetylene canister…

Finally, there’s a little copper tag on the chainstay, “voyageur”. James told me that the Voyageurs were the early frontiersmen of French Canada, who travelled and traded with the indigenous people of the region. “They used canoes, I use a bike.” James said. I liked that.

Thanks for the commission James!

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