Potluck #1

The Potluck Project started as a way for me to try out new things, play with some frame parts I don’t normally use, stretch my legs a wee bit.

I decided that now and again, I’d make a frameset, without the focus of a customer/builder process. These would be self-directed, gut led bikes, where I could make something radically different from a Carrier or Combe, from the kind of touring bikes I specialise in. These bikes would be sandpits to play in, meals from unlabelled tins, poured into the pan.


Potluck #1 is a kind of blend of a classic British club bike and a French randonneur. It has the 700c wheels of the UK, and the front steering geometry and rack/bag setup of the continent.

It was made mostly from inherited tubes. I used a lugged crown (how novel for me!) cut about the dropouts, sleeved the seat tube and added playing card suite reinforcements. Decked out with peak beauty down tube shifting Dura Ace, it’s just a simple bike to live with and ride for mile after mile.

This is the first Potluck, though I have my mind on more. There are experiments I’m excited to stir into the pot.