Strong, elegant, simply integrated. That’s what a handbuilt custom rack gets you.


Clandestine started out as an endeavour to make racks. Racks are kinda magical to make, and wonderful to have on your bike. There’s no fixtures, there’s no classical limitations to stay within like there are with double diamond bicycle frames. You can add or subtract struts, bend, or kink, or make with straight lines. They’re incredibly time consuming to make, with more joints than a bike frame. But the results speak for themselves. Having a really rigid, useable rack opens up so many ways you can use your bike. A rack-less bike is a limited bike.

My custom racks are all made with Columbus chromoly tubing. I can make any rack type from a large, simple porteur rack or rando bag support, to a massive structure for carrying surfboards like one notable project. Front, rear, lowriders anything.

Due to their custom fitted nature, I will need your bike in my workshop, as each rack is fitted exactly to your bike.

Once you purchase a custom rack, I will contact you to confirm what you are looking for, and arrange a date for you top bring your bike into my workshop. I will need to keep your bike for approx 1 week.