Rohloff Carriers

Recently, I’ve made a couple of Carriers that deviated from the standard Carrier in one key way: they used Rohloff gear hubs instead of 1x derailleur setups.

I try and minimise the custom details of the Carrier in order to keep it simpler to deal with. It’s already a fairly complex bike to fabricate, and it’s important to me that it’s not so wildly expensive that it becomes a show queen of a bike. I want the Carrier to be heavily used and live it’s best life: a tough life!

That said, from now on I’ll be offering the Carrier as standard with the option to use a Rohloff. The cost is an extra £400, and the Rohloff versions will use 135mm QR rear dropouts, a Bushnell eccentric bottom bracket for chain tensioning and suitable cable routing.