The Bomberdrome

There was this time where, for me, Bristol’s bike scene sizzled and spat with it’s energy, like a (vegan?) sausage in a pan, all grease and heat.

I was tucked into our community bike cafe, Roll for the Soul, Boneshaker Magazine was roaring and I was getting to write and edit a few pieces for them which was a total thrill. I hadn’t yet imploded from my work at the Bristol Bike Project (it’s a long story), the Bristol Cycle Festival was super creative and alive. The Velobici mini bike dance troupe were zoobombing and building hoops of flaming fire, bending genders and bicycle skittles.

This little snap shot was that time when Mike White from Boneshaker managed to get the BOMBERDROME down to Brizzle, and the grass turned brown the Cycle Festival was so hot, the Ministry of Bicycles steered into the circle on their crazy pulsing wall of mild peril. I snuck a ride in right at the end of the day, and I think JP got a photo. It was unbelievably fun: I still fantasise about building one of these.