The Carrier Bag

I’ve always just ridden bikes. They were just the only way to get around, the only feasible way to lug stuff here and there.

The Carrier is the bike I’ve settled on as the way I mostly want to convey myself about the place, my own ideal that I know will be as perfect for others as it is for me.

When Harry from Wizard Works got in touch with me a while back, we spent a day in my workshop, scheming. There were a few things that came out of that day (world domination plans, mutual business pep-talks, the usual). One of them was this bag. I’d been using a prototype bag on my bike, but it hadn’t gone anywhere, so it was really exciting that Harry was so jazzed up about it, and had the skills to make it happen.

The Carrier Bag is a big, expandable, waterproof bucket for holding everything. It’s got an amazing magnetic buckle to secure the roll top, a D lock pocket on the underside, and a nice little side pocket for your phone/wallet/keys/facemask essentials. Other than that, it simply comes on and off in moments, and just works perfectly for the day to day or a tour. Nothing says “ravenous bike tourer” like a hugely ambitious over-stuff at the food market.