Adam’s All Road

I loved working with Adam on this bike.

From the colour scheme – “I’ve got this plant in my loo, those are the colours”

…to the component choices – “silver, that’s something different isn’t it nowadays?”

…to the correcting my incorrect naming of anatomic features – “that’s not a wrist bone…”

The whole process really highlighted how going custom is all about the collaboration, which particularly showing up with his approach to carrying his gear on this bike. Adam’s bike is built for fat comfy tyres for the back lane Sunday runs, to some wider tyres for the off road tracks on his bike packing trips.

We used strong and light Reynolds 853, a narrow version of my twin plate fork crown, and flat mount dropouts front and rear.

The racks come off quickly for stripping it down from full bike packing mode, with mounting points on the fork and seat tube for the lights. The rear rack is made for a simple strap on dry bag, rather than putting up with a waggling bum rocket of a bike packing saddlebag, which gets my vote. The minimal front rack is designed around my Carrier Bag for easy loading, low hassle bike packing. There’s mounting points for a bolt in frame and top tube bag.

With my twin plate flat mount rear dropout setup, he can use all the Shimano GRX parts, while keeping the classic look with the B17 saddle, silver parts, brass Lionworks bell and those beautiful Berthoud mudguards. Thanks Adam, and enjoy the ride!

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