'Off-the-Peg' Bikes

The Carrier is my "standard model". It represents my sense of the ideal bike for most people, most of the time. It is still custom sized and made to order, but with defined specifications arrived at by honing the design of this bike for years.

Custom Bikes

If my off-the-peg Carrier doesn't suit, then together we can dive into the full custom process.

The focus of my work is on touring, adventure, and utilitarian bikes. I want to make fully integrated bicycles, where the racks, stems, and lighting aren’t add on accessories, but part of a cohesive whole.

As with all of my work, I use steel, and fillet braze to join. I work with a mixture of Reynolds, Columbus, Dedaccai and T45 tubing, depending on your needs.

Pricing starts at £2500 for a frame, fork and stem, with a powdercoat.
Flat mount brake mounts are an extra £250.